For Providers


Our goal is to make the imaging process as smooth and worry-free experience for your patient and you by expediting the entire process so that you get results of testing back as quickly as possible. Using our service can free up your office staff for more important tasks. No more waiting on hold to verify benefits and scheduling patients for diagnostic testing. We'll do it for you at no cost to you, and we will handle your patients with tender loving care by walking them through the entire imaging experience.


"Your patients can relax throughout the process without worrying about the details, and your staff can focus on patient care rather than being stuck on the phone" said Rosalind Cieslewicz, President of Image Connection. "We create greater office efficiency and improve staff productivity thereby helping you continue to deliver superior patient care."


Image Connection Advantage because we are not tied to a specific imaging location, we can refer your patient to an imaging center that meets their needs and your specific requirement, and we have more guaranteed appointment times that any other imaging center in your area. One plus that Image Connection can ofer is providing a geographic location that best suits the patient.


Results to your office will be delivered within 72 hours of the testing - average turnaround time is 48 hours. Stat tests are returned within 4 hours, and results to you back in 2 hours.

We want to be the company you go to for all your diagonistic scheduling needs including:


 CT Scans






 PET Scans


 Nuclear Medicine

 Pain Management

 And much more...